The new VTL series from Versalift is equipped with a profiled boom made of high-strength steel. With this you achieve a working height of 14 meters, a reach of 8.5 meters and a maximum platform capacity of 230 kg. The extra stiffness of the steel provides more working comfort and entails weight reduction. This makes this platform extremely suitable for a 3.5T van. The advantage of the van is that it can be used with a Category B driving licence and has load capacity and working space for carrying materials and tools.


The first new aerial platforms with Genie’s "Lift Connect" telematics program have arrived. At the moment the S-65 XC and GS-1330m are already equipped with the right hardware. A lot of hard work is now being done behind the scenes to prepare the Lift Connect software. We expect that we will be able to offer both hardware and software to our customers at the start of 2020.


Knipscheer Infra-Clean has already been using a 30 meter, Teupen LEO 30T, spin lift for many years. Due to the increase in work, it recently has been decided to purchase a second machine.