Antarctica is the highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. Construction projects on this continent are an extraordinary challenge and a reliable equipment fleet is of utmost importance. Therefore HDW supplied a Genie Z-45XC for their client BAM, custom modified to suit the extreme weather conditions. For example, a gel battery was chosen, with the advantage that it is more resistant to cold temperatures and has a longer lifespan. Also, despite the limited space, a greater capacity battery has been installed with a peak capacity of 1100Cca.


Built for use in conjunction with Genie Xtra Capacity boom lifts that offer an expanded work zone, this new extra-large 4 m (13 ft) long x 0.91 m (3 ft) wide platform prototype offers operators the benefit of accessing a much larger working area quickly and easily. Reducing the number of times needed to stop to reposition the machine each time workers reach the platform’s furthest edge, this new super deck provides the ability to get more work done, more rapidly and more comfortably.


The new VTL series from Versalift is equipped with a profiled boom made of high-strength steel. With this you achieve a working height of 14 meters, a reach of 8.5 meters and a maximum platform capacity of 230 kg. The extra stiffness of the steel provides more working comfort and entails weight reduction. This makes this platform extremely suitable for a 3.5T van. The advantage of the van is that it can be used with a Category B driving licence and has load capacity and working space for carrying materials and tools.