Next to the earlier delivered Z-62/40 & Z-33/18, company Kuipers Grondwerken en Hoogwerker Verhuur also received their new Genie S-65 Trax unit. 


Company J. TH. Poland & Zonen has recently received their Teupen Leo21GT. This is the second Teupen unit for this company. 

Due to low overall weight and small dimensions, this Leo21GT is easily maneuverable and suitable for every working place. For J. TH. Poland & Zonen this machine is indispensable for the construction and maintenance of windmills which is their core business.




Contractor Jan van Egmond B.V. has recently received their Genie GS-3369RT scissor lift!

This machine with active oscillating axle and 4 x 4 performance comes to places where other machines can not come. The outriggers provide extra stability at high altitude. 


Loxam Access has several Teupen spiderlifts in its rental fleet and they recently added two pieces Leo18GT Plus.

The Leo18GT Plus has a working heigth of 18,3 meter with an outreach of 8,5 meter and a platform capacity of 200 kilo over the whole working envelope.                                                                                                                                                                            The spiderlift also features a 90degree movable jib which allows the user to access the normally difficult to reach places.


MSR with its head office located in Ridderkerk recently opened it's second depot in The Hague.
Herewith MSR will be able to service its customers even better. In the rule people want to pick up their renting items easily and locally.

HDW delivered 3 new GS1932 scissor lifts to MSR.