Brand new spin lift Teupen LEO 30T for company Knipscheer Infra-clean !


Knipscheer Infra-Clean has already been using a 30 meter, Teupen LEO 30T, spin lift for many years. Due to the increase in work, it recently has been decided to purchase a second machine.

Because of good experience with the Teupen dealer HDW Nederland B.V. the choice was made to buy a Leo30T again. This spin lift  has a outreach of 15.7 meters and is known as very flexible deployable.
For example, he can be stamped in very limited spaces.
Through the crawler tires, it drives effortlessly on virtually all surfaces, and through the low altitude of 1.98 meters it is also possible to drive under canopies, overhangs, etc.
With the purchase of this new platform and the skilled and trained staff, Knipscheer Infra-Clean can safeguard its customers optimally in carrying out all the activities in glass cleaning and facade maintenance.

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