HDW supplies Aerial Work Platform for usage in Antarctica


Antarctica is the highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. Construction projects on this continent are an extraordinary challenge and a reliable equipment fleet is of utmost importance. Therefore HDW supplied a Genie Z-45XC for their client BAM, custom modified to suit the extreme weather conditions. For example, a gel battery was chosen, with the advantage that it is more resistant to cold temperatures and has a longer lifespan. Also, despite the limited space, a greater capacity battery has been installed with a peak capacity of 1100Cca. The battery is connected to a trickle charger that ensures that the maximum battery power is always guaranteed. In addition, heating elements are built in to keep the engine oil and hydraulic oil at the right temperatures.

BAM has embarked with British Antarctic Survey, together with NERC, SWECO and Ramboll, on a 7 to 10-year partnership, modernising the UK’s Antarctic infrastructure, to support world-class science for the next generation. The construction takes place during the Antarctic summer months, where ambient temperatures reach down to -15°C. The first phase of the construction projects on the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station will take approximately five years, whereby it is estimated that the Z-45XC will be used for 2000 running hours. HDW also supplied the project with ample spares for maintenance as well as parts to repair possible critical breakdowns.