Service on your aerial, telehandler or materiallift.
Working in a safe way starts with a safe machine. Good maintenance and periodic inspection ensure the quality of the machinery and therefore a safe workplace.

Maintenance or failure
Do you want to make an appointment for maintenance or do you have a breakdown?
The service team of HDW is at your disposal. You can contact us 24 hours per day and even in the weekends.

Within office hours:       0031-180491011 or
Outside office hours:    0031-6-51517031

Service contract.
Do you exactly want to know which budget you need to reserve for the maintenance of your machine or do you want to focus on your core business and outsource the maintenance?
HDW can offer a service contract on every model in which the scheduled maintenance and periodic safety inspection are contained.

Periodic safety inspection
Every machine must, according to the local law, undergo a periodically safety inspection.
HDW can facilitate these inspections on either our or your premises.

To unburden you further we can even inform you upfront when a certification tends to expire.